The Music Journey

All Original Compositions


Credits: Track 1,2,3.4 Brian Brie Paterson Guitar and Music. 

1,2, Michael MoorWalker Sayers  Drums, Percussion, lyrics  

3, Lyrics and temp vocals

4 Lyrics , Vocals and drums

Track 2 Lead Vocals Loralei Ducharme

Track 1 Lead Vocals Amanda Rae Gallant

Credits : 

Jacques Blackstone: Engineer, Mixer

Track 1,  Music, Guitars, piano and Lead Vocals

Track 2,  Music, Guitars

Track 3, Music, Guitars, Vocals and Lyrics

Michael MoorWalker Sayers:

Track 1,  Lyrics , Hand drum 

Track 2,  Drums and Lyrics

Track 3, Lyrics and Djembe

Jenni Doyle:

Track 2,3  Lead Vocals 

Credits : 

Track 1, Played hand drums and some percussion on Greg Bertinelli's track "Break the Chain"

Track 2, Mix Engineer  "The Little Drummer Boy" cover for Nigel Tucker. Nigel is singing and playing guitar. 

Track 3, Mix Engineer, Hand drums and percussion for Bob MacMillan playing and singing "The Lord is present in the Santuary" cover.

Track 4: Mix Engineer for Nick Grasslin playing and singing "Sleeping Sickness" cover